You’re Not Cooking Tonight!

With EatWell You get Dinner Delivered Straight to Your Door

We are currently serving in Tampa Bay Region Florida from Monday to Thursday 11.00 AM to 7.00 PM. Orders are accepted all day.

Stop Cooking. Start Eating!

We are Tampa’s first healthy meal delivery platform. Imagine having a team of professional chefs cooks your weeknight dinners. Eatwell delivers the highest quality food from the city's most celebrated chefs. Each chef is an independent entrepreneur who makes the food they love using the freshest local ingredients. Our nutrition based tagging of the meals creates a unique comfort level to the consumer that “somebody is watching their diet!”, Whether you are a protein fan, diabetic patient or looking for heart healthy food. We have something for everybody. You may order for same-day delivery or plan your dinners days in advance. Your freshly prepared meals come ready to heat and enjoy in a few minutes. We believe that home-style meal, cooked with love, nourishes you like no other. Yes, it is important for it to taste good, after all, we all love to eat, but not with heavy cream, or dollops of butter! We cook fresh, every single day, with local ingredients to bring you real food and actual health. Delivered, at your doorstep.

Ordering meals that fit your dietary needs is easy with the EatWell app!

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    Anticipate Your Meal’s Delivery!

    Put away the pots and pans and break out the plates.

We're on the Way!!!

Our fast and friendly delivery driver will be delivering your food within minutes in Clearwater, Tampa, and Saint Petersburg. Get the silverware ready!

Farm-fresh, Locally-sourced, Chef-cooked.

Each element of your EatWell meal is local to the Tampa area. From the quality produce, meats and poultry we source from area farms, to the exceptional chefs who cook fresh meals from scratch, to the friendly delivery team, and the passionate founding management team.

We all want healthy food that tastes good. Busy schedules and dietary restrictions make that simple want a challenge. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, paleo or gluten-free, or if you need blood pressure, allergy or diabetic friendly meals, EatWell cooks for you.